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The concept of Pakistan Correspondents Union PCU

 started with a vision and mission by Syed Kausar Javed Bijnori, who in the year 1972 laid down the foundation of this great Institution. Pakistan Correspondents Union PCU is a nationally acclaimed, professional body of likeminded members of the journalist community. The Organization serves as a platform for both the Electronic and Print Media.

 Field Journalists are also included in the spectrum of activities and are given paramount importance. PCU is a non-profitable Organization, the activities of Pakistan Correspondence Union are also being spearheaded under the leadership of PPC.

The activities of Punjab Press Club are being managed by a Chairman, followed by members of the Executive Body and the General Body. There are 50 members elected to the post of Executive Body, while, the General Body consists of 200 members. Elections are held on a yearly basis for nomination to both the Bodies. 

The strength of Punjab Press Club® stands today at ten thousand Members (In 2011). Punjab Press Club® also has the privilege of having on board 500 Members who are managing local Newspapers as editors. Punjab Press Club® is also fitted with a Wireless Station, with World Frequency 24/7. This is for direct and uninterrupted communication with members journalists throughout the World. This is the only kind of facility extended to PPC by the Government of Pakistan. The Call sign of Punjab Press Club® is AP2-KJ 





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